Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
:WUMPSCUT: dj dwarf 23 2023 beton kopf media ger CD m/m €14.00
GENOCIDE ORGAN all is suffering 2024 tesco organisation ger CD dpk s/s €19.00
OSTARA age of empire 2023 trisol ger CD dpk s/s €19.00
DESIDERII MARGINIS bathe in black light 2024 cyclic law fra CD dpk s/s €19.00
GODFLESH purge 2023 avalanche recordings uk CD dpk s/s €18.00
LIMBO my whip your flesh 1989 mantra ita LP m/ex €18.00
LIMBO IN LIMBO - rare original pressing in embossed sleeve +insert 1986 spittle ita 12" ex/m €40.00 Raro
FJERNLYS ascending triads & luminous arcs 2006 loki foundation ger 2CD s/case m/ex €14.00
SPACE MACHINE SPACE TUNING BOX - rare 3lp set housed in wooden box of 199 2022 urashima ita 3LP m/m €100.00 Raro
DIE FORM h/stories volume 1 1998 trinity ger CD m/ex €12.00
PANKOW freiheit fuer die sklaven 1987 contempo ita LP ex/ex €15.00
SEVEN PINES nympholept 2003 dysphorie fra CD m/m €10.00
ROMOWE RIKOITO uka (ltd.ed. of 150) 2024 dangus / aetheric recordings lit LP s/s €32.00
CROOKED MOUTH between the fool & the magician 2023 aetheric recordings / heimat musik lit CD s/s €20.00
ROMOWE RIKOITO undeina (2lp set +insert) (ltd.ed. of 300) 2014 dangus lit 2LP new €35.00
CROOKED MOUTH decay (ltd.ed. of 500) 2017 shadow of the stone can CD dpk s/s €20.00
VV.AA. for your ears only (2lp set +insert) 1987 third mind uk 2LP vg/m €13.00
VV.AA. the third mind 1990 third mind hol LP vg/ex €8.00
MACHINEFABRIEK vloed (+bonus track) 2008 cold spring uk CD dpk m/m €13.00
STARS WITHOUT LIGHT beneath and before 2024 cyclic law fra CD dpk s/s €19.00
FORNDOM daudra dura (2024) 2016 nordvis produktion swe LP s/s €32.00
AUN VII 2010 important us CD dpk m/m €12.00
LIHOLESIE primeval rotation 2004 stygian crypt productions rus CD m/ex €8.00
ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL wind(re)wind 2007 metropolis us CD m/ex €12.00
EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN total eclipse of the sun +3 (die-cut digipak) 1999 our choice / potomak ger CDs dpk m/m €15.00
K90 the inner limits 2004 dataless recordings uk CD m/m €10.00
MYSTERY SCHOOL, THE triangle of the sun (numbered ltd.ed. of 300 in slightly oversized textured folded paper sleeve +card) 2004 amplexus ita CD m/m €7.00
TEATRO SATANICO dissertazioni catodiche di teologia applicata su nastro magnetico (ltd.ed. of 99) 2008 private ita VHS m/m €15.00
KEIMVERBREITUNG the k sessions (numbered ltd.ed. of 177 in A5 folded paper sleeve) 2003 amplexus ita CD m/m €7.00
MINISTRY hopiumforthemasses (ltd.ed. of 4500 on green with yellow splatter vinyl) 2024 nuclear blast eu LP s/s €35.00
MINISTRY hopiumforthemasses 2024 nuclear blast eu CD s/s €19.00
DEATH IN JUNE burial (remastered) (embossed digipak) 84/06 leprosy discs uk CD dpk m/m €18.00
DEATH IN JUNE NADA! - rare 2003 remastered +bonus tracks edition in embossed digipak 85/03 ner ger CD dpk ex/ex €25.00 Raro
CIRCULATION OF EVENTS vip. ibex 1995 spoof den CD m/ex €12.00
WMTID the electric church 1989 concrete productions uk LP vg/m €12.00
ROME the hyperion machine (u.s. edition) (ltd.ed. of 500 on orange vinyl) (lp +cd set) 2016 cop international us LP s/s €35.00
NURSE WITH WOUND thunder perfect mind (remastered & expanded 2cd set) 92/024 infinite fog productions rus 2CD dpk s/s €32.00
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO strap down (roar of the underground) / give your body its freedom / wall to wall 1988 sweatbox uk 12" m/m €7.00
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO strap down (the sound defence policy remix) / give your body its freedom / wall to wall 1988 sweatbox uk 12" m/m €7.00
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO suck hard e.p. (ltd.ed. of 1500) 1987 sweatbox uk 12" m/m €10.00
VV.AA. we're punch addicted (ltd.ed. of 500) 2008 punch ita CD m/m €8.00
O PARADIS cuando el tiempo sopla 2007 punch ita CD m/m €10.00
COMANDO SUZIE pobres chavales (ltd.ed. of 333) 2007 punch ita CD ex/m €10.00
WERMUT anna (ltd.ed. of 1000) 2005 punch ita CD dpk m/m €10.00
VV.AA. drinking to better days (numbered ltd.ed. of 410 in handmade gatefold sleeve foiled in dark blue velvet and satin inside +3 obi-like sheets affixed to it) 2005 punch ita LP m/m €15.00
1997EV dead.ends.sinful 2006 punch ita CD dpk s/s €10.00
DOC WOR MIRRAN odds, sods and dirtclods (3lp boxset) 1991 rrr us 3LP ex/m €25.00
OUTOFSIGHT / HOTEL DE PRUSSE forgotten taste of the province 2011 rage in eden pol CD dpk s/s €19.00