punk / hardcore

Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
SCREAM IDOL movie mary 2021 star star music us CD s/s €13.00
DEAD BOYS, THE live at the old waldorf san francisco nov 77 2015 interference eu CD m/m €12.00
SHUT UP! TWIST AGAIN! slurring the rhythms (ltd.ed. of 1000 on marbled-yellow vinyl) 2020 guerilla asso / fond of life / lostdog fra LP ex/m €12.00
SIX OF ONE HALF SUMMERS this years versions of these chords 1998 liberty park us CD m/ex €8.00
DECIBELIOS KAOS! OI! Y SUBVERSION! - rare! 1996 dumb 'n' loud spa LP ex/m €30.00 Raro
JONES, STEVE mercy 1987 mca us LP ex/m €10.00
CLASH, THE revolution rock - the clash live 2008 sony bmg eu DVD s/s €10.00
GOOD CHARLOTTE greatest remixes 2008 epic eu CD m/m €6.00
GREEN DAY kerplunk 1992 epitaph hol CD s/s €15.00
GREEN DAY shenanigans 2002 warner ger CD m/m €6.00
BULLDOG SPIRIT bulldog spirit 2003 brutus ita CD m/m €7.00
GOOD CHARLOTTE the chronicles of life and death 2004 epic / daylight us CD m/ex €5.00
HAGGARD, THE no future 2001 mr lady us CD m/m €5.00
CALL TO ARMS dead end youth 2005 brutus ita CD m/m €7.00
GOOD CHARLOTTE good charlotte 2000 epic / daylight us CD ex/m €5.00
GREEN DAY the studio albums 1990-2009 (8cd boxset) 2012 reprise / warner eu 8CD box m/m €20.00
GREEN DAY warning: 2000 reprise ger CD m/ex €6.00
NEW BOMB TURKS switchblade tongues, butterknife brains 2003 gearhead us CD m/m €10.00
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS nobody's heroes (+bonus tracks) 1980 emi eu CD m/m €8.00
SHAM 69 tell us the truth (+bonus tracks) 1978 castle uk CD m/m €13.00
LIGHTNING RAIDERS sweet revenge 2012 rock candy uk CD m/ex €13.00
SILVER white diary 2004 bad afro den LP ex/m €18.00
RAMONES raw 2004 image entertainment eu DVD m/m €10.00
AGATHOCLES mince core history 1996-1997 2001 selfmadegod pol CD m/ex €8.00
BOY HITS CAR boy hits car 2001 wind-up us CD ex/m €7.00
SEASICK PIRATES little sad thing e.p. 1995 radiation ger CDs m/m €7.00
STEVE AND THE JERKS leaders of the jerks (+insert) 1996 royal fra LP ex/m €15.00
PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES for a few bullets more 2006 locomotive music spa CD dpk s/s €15.00
AMEN we have come for your parents 2000 virgin eu CD m/m €8.00
AMEN gun of a preacher man 2005 snapper / secret eu CD dpk m/m €8.00
SICK TERROR eu me vendo por bem menos que voce imagina (red vinyl +insert) 2004 terrotten bra LP m/m €10.00
LEADED FUEL inhale and get pale 2008 costa ovest ita CD m/ex €8.00
BLOODY RIOT musica italiana (i bloody riot non moriranno mai...tu sì) (ltd.ed. of 500) 2008 roma libera ita CD s/s €15.00
INTELLECTUALS, THE in the middle of darkwhere 2011 jeet kune ita CD dpk m/m €8.00
DAILY GRIND until the end 2009 this is core ita CD m/m €5.00
INTELLECTUALS, THE invisible is the best 2006 dead beat us CD m/ex €8.00
GOOD CHARLOTTE video collection 2003 epic / daylight eu DVD m/m €8.00
INTELLECTUALS, THE / ROCK 'N' ROLL ADVENTURE KIDS split e.p. 2004 vida loca ita 7" new €5.00
INTELLECTUALS, THE invisible is the best (ltd.ed. of 500) 2006 hate ita LP m/m €8.00
GOOD CHARLOTTE fast future generation 2006 sony bmg eu DVD m/m €8.00
AFI sing the sorrow 2003 dreamworks eu CD m/m €8.00
AMBUSH lach! 1994 common cause ger CD dpk m/m €8.00
AVENUE X avenue x 2012 goodfellas ita CD s/s €8.00
AGATHOCLES cd release party 2002 - superiority overdose 2003 tumult productions bel DVD m/vg €7.00
VV.AA. carry on oi! (+bonus track) 1981 captain oi! uk CD box m/m €13.00
MANIACS (FRA) bring back the night 1987 madrigal fra LP ex/m €15.00
7 SECONDS new wind (+insert) 1986 postive force / better youth organization uk LP ex/m €18.00
NOFX so long and thanks for all the shoes (HDCD) 1997 epitaph hol CD m/m €10.00