new age

Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
VV.AA. first impressions (embossed sleeve) 1987 coda hol LP ex/m €10.00
GARDNER, KAY moon circles 1975 urana us LP ex/m €15.00
FRANCO, LISA bigger than blue 1992 innovative communication ger CD m/m €12.00
FISCHER, FRANK tales of mullumbimby 1990 innovative communication ger CD m/m €12.00
RHODES, BILL sculptures 1991 innovative communication§ ger CD m/m €12.00
LAMA GYOURME & JEAN-PHILIPPE RYKIEL il canto del lama: preghiere per il risveglio +1 1994 sony classical hol CDs m/m €3.00
STORY, LIZ part of fortune 1986 novus ger CD m/m €12.00
CYBERTRIBE eons of dignity 2004 new earth ger CD m/vg €8.00
OLDFIELD, TERRY in the presence of light 1987 new earth us CD m/ex €10.00
VV.AA. (TINA TURNER / DECHEN SHAK-DAGSAY / REGULA CURTI) beyond - buddhist and christian prayers 2010 new earth ger CD dpk m/m €10.00
VAS offerings (HDCD) 1998 narada us CD m/m €10.00
WHALEN, MICHAEL great african moments 1994 narada cinema us CD m/m €10.00
JACOBSEN, JIM the messenger 1990 narada mystique us CD m/m €10.00
LANZ, DAVID beloved - a david lanz collection 1995 narada us CD m/m €10.00
LANZ, DAVID cristofori's dream 1988 narada us CD m/m €10.00
ARKENSTONE, DAVID in the wake of the mind 1991 narada us CD m/m €10.00
WYNBERG, SIMON simon 1993 narada ger CD m/m €10.00
VV.AA. narada equinox - sampler one 1988 narada equinox us LP s/s €18.00
KITARO silk road III - tun huang 1981 polydor ger CD m/ex €10.00
KITARO oasis 1979 kuckuck ger CD m/vg €10.00
KITARO silver cloud 1984 polydor ger CD m/m €13.00
VV.AA. windham hill records sampler '89 1989 windham hill ger CD m/m €10.00
TINGSTAD, ERIC & NANCY RUMBEL the gift (acoustic offerings for the holiday season) 1985 sona gaia productions us LP m/m €10.00
OPAFIRE opafire 1990 novus ger CD m/m €10.00
LANZ, DAVID nightfall 1985 narada ger LP m/m €12.00
LANZ, DAVID / MICHAEL JONES winter solstice 1985 narada ger LP m/m €12.00
ACKERMAN, WILLIAM in search for the turtle's navel - guitar solos (1977 pressing) 1976 windham hill us LP m/m €15.00
CASTELLUCCIA, PAOLO innocence 1999 planet garden ita CD dpk m/m €8.00
BUFFETT, PETER one by one 1989 narada us CD ex/m €10.00
PETERSEN, FLEMMING moonwater 1987 fonix musik den CD m/ex €10.00
HAUN, STEVE inside the sky 1988 silver wave us CD ex/m €10.00
YANNI dare to dream 1992 private music us CD dpk ex/m €10.00
KOCH, BERNWARD laguna de la vera 1992 erdenklang ger CD m/ex €12.00
ZAZEN cayman blue 1997 miramar us CD m/m €10.00
KRELL, LOTHAR sinfonie fur amphitrite (die-cut booklet) 1990 blue flame ger CD m/m €10.00
JOSEPH, BRADLEY rapture 1997 narada equinox ger CD m/m €10.00
ANCIENT FUTURE asian fusion 1993 narada equinox ger CD m/m €10.00
KATER, PETER rooftops 1991 silver wave us CD m/m €10.00
HALPERN, STEVEN & TONY SELVAGE gaia's groove 1989 sound rx us CD m/m €10.00
KATER, PETER the fool and the hummingbird 1987 silver wave us CD ex/m €10.00
SHENANDOAH, JOANNE (with PETER KATER) life blood 1995 silver wave us CD ex/m €10.00
KITARO silk road II 1980 polydor ger CD m/m €10.00
KITARO silk road volume 1 1996 domo uk CD m/m €10.00
VOLLENWEIDER, ANDREAS andreas vollenweider 1986 amiga gdr LP vg/m €8.00
KITARO mandala 1994 domo us CD m/ex €10.00
JAMES, CHRIS & JENNY JAMES crysta sound meditation 1998 nightingale ger CD m/m €10.00
VV.AA. "mediterranea" sampler 1994 new sounds ita CD m/ex €4.00
COSSU, SCOTT (with VAN MANAKAS) stained glass memories 1992 windham hill ger CD m/m €13.00