Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
KRIEGSFALL-U kriegsfall-u 2011 epidemie cze CD dpk m/ex €13.00
KRIEGSFALL-U kriegsfall-u 2005 cold spring / mozgalom uk CD dpk ex/ex €13.00
SOL INVICTUS AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD - rare original pressing +insert! 1988 laylah bel LP ex/m €100.00 Raro
ROME the hyperion machine (u.s. edition) (ltd.ed. of 500 on orange vinyl) (lp +cd set) 2016 cop international us LP s/s €35.00
NURSE WITH WOUND thunder perfect mind (remastered & expanded 2cd set) 92/024 infinite fog productions rus 2CD dpk s/s €32.00
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO strap down (roar of the underground) / give your body its freedom / wall to wall 1988 sweatbox uk 12" m/m €7.00
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO strap down (the sound defence policy remix) / give your body its freedom / wall to wall 1988 sweatbox uk 12" m/m €7.00
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO suck hard e.p. (ltd.ed. of 1500) 1987 sweatbox uk 12" m/m €10.00
PANKOW freiheit fuer die sklaven 1987 contempo ita LP ex/ex €15.00
VV.AA. drinking to better days (numbered ltd.ed. of 410 in handmade gatefold sleeve foiled in dark blue velvet and satin inside +3 obi-like sheets affixed to it) 2005 punch ita LP m/m €15.00
VV.AA. we're punch addicted (ltd.ed. of 500) 2008 punch ita CD m/m €8.00
1997EV dead.ends.sinful 2006 punch ita CD dpk s/s €10.00
WERMUT anna (ltd.ed. of 1000) 2005 punch ita CD dpk m/m €10.00
COMANDO SUZIE pobres chavales (ltd.ed. of 333) 2007 punch ita CD ex/m €10.00
O PARADIS cuando el tiempo sopla 2007 punch ita CD m/m €10.00
DOC WOR MIRRAN odds, sods and dirtclods (3lp boxset) 1991 rrr us 3LP ex/m €25.00
OUTOFSIGHT / HOTEL DE PRUSSE forgotten taste of the province 2011 rage in eden pol CD dpk s/s €19.00
LIMBO IN LIMBO - rare original pressing in embossed sleeve +insert 1986 spittle ita 12" ex/m €40.00 Raro
SIXTH COMM content with blood (remastered +bonus tracks) 87/07 kenaz uk CD dpk m/m €14.00
LIMBO my whip your flesh 1989 mantra ita LP m/ex €18.00
SOL INVICTUS sol veritas lux: against the modern world (remastered) / in the jaws of the serpent (remastered) (+bonus track) 88/90/06 tursa / dark vinyl eu CD dpk m/m €15.00
LAIBACH macbeth 1989 mute ita LP ex/m €15.00
LAIBACH KAPITAL - rare original uk pressing +innersleeve 1992 mute uk 2LP ex/m €70.00 Raro
LAIBACH sympathy for the devil II e.p. 1988 mute uk 12" vg/m €10.00
LIMBO in limbo (2022) 1986 spittle ita 12" s/s €22.00
SOIL BLEEDS BLACK, THE mirror of the middle ages 2003 the fossil dungeon us CD dpk m/m €14.00
PANKOW throw out rite (ltd.ed. of 300) (2016) 1983 artoffact can LP s/s €28.00
SOIL BLEEDS BLACK, THE mirror of the middle ages 2003 the fossil dungeon us CD dpk s/s €20.00
EISBRECHER eisbrecher 2004 zyx music ger LP s/s €25.00
COIL / ZOS KIA / MARC ALMOND how to destroy angels (180 gram vinyl) 2018 cold spring uk LP s/s €28.00
STEREOTAXIC DEVICE too per day extinct 1992 kk bel LP ex/m €12.00
VV.AA. ekhnaton - ricerca italiana semplice numero uno (light blue vinyl +insert) - 1984 a dull note / multiple configuration ita LP ex/m €18.00
KLONAVENUS motion:less 2020 space race ita CD dpk s/s €15.00
INSIDE TREATMENT isolated suburban psychokillers in coma 1991 parade amoureuse ger LP vg/ex €12.00
LAIBACH OPUS DEI - rare original brazilian pressing +innersleeve 1987 mute bra LP ex/m €40.00 Raro
PANKOW great minds against themselves conspire (enhanced) 2007 wheesht ita CD dpk m/m €13.00
TRANSMISIA mincing machine (marbled-grey vinyl) 1991 wide ita LP ex/m €12.00
DEATH IN JUNE NADA! - rare original uk pressing in brown textured sleeve - ltd.ed. of 2000 1985 ner uk LP m/ex €80.00 Raro
DEATH IN JUNE COME BEFORE CHRIST AND MURDER LOVE / TORTURE BY ROSES - rare in embossed whip-hand logo above an inverted rune - 1985 ner uk 12" vg/m €30.00 Raro
KIBUKA dystopia 2009 kodama uk CD dpk s/s €19.00
DEATH IN JUNE THE GUILTY HAVE NO PRIDE - rare uk second pressing in textured sleeve 1983 ner uk LP ex/m €60.00 Raro
DEATH IN JUNE 93 DEAD SUNWHEELS - rare uk compilation of remixes and unreleased material - - - - 1988 ner uk LP ex/m €50.00 Raro
SUTCLIFFE JUGEND live assault 2006 rrr us CD m/m €13.00
CROSS, TARA TEMPUS FUGIT - megarare one from this cutl label! has the insert too... 1989 permis de construire fra LP ex/m €200.00 Raro
CLICK CLICK rorschach testing (+insert) 1988 play it again sam bel LP ex/m €18.00
CLICK CLICK PARTY HATE - original uk pressing 1986 rorschach testing product uk LP ex/m €25.00 Raro
BUSHIDO the sands of nakajima 1984 third mind uk LP ex/m €18.00
BUSHIDO deliverance 1985 third mind uk LP ex/m €20.00