Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
DAVIS, GREG mutually arising 2009 kranky us CD dpk m/m €15.00
STARS OF THE LID gravitational pull vs. the desire for an aquatic life 1996 kranky us CD m/m €15.00
ROEDELIUS, HANS-JOACHIM & TIM STORY 4 hands 2022 erased tapes uk LP s/s €28.00
JARRE, JEAN MICHEL equinoxe (2015) 1978 dreyfus / bmg eu LP s/s €25.00
BOARDS OF CANADA trans canada highway e.p. (2013) 2006 warp uk 12" s/s €25.00
CONTACT first contact (ltd.ed.of 300 on 'glow in the dark' astral green vinyl) 2014 temporary residence us LP m/m €18.00
TANGERINE DREAM sorcerer 2014 - cinematographic score 2014 eastgate ger 2CD m/m €25.00
SUNROOF electronic music improvisations vol.1 (ltd.ed. on clear vinyl) 2021 mute eu LP s/s €30.00
HOLROYD, BOB stages 1996 soundscape music uk CD m/ex €13.00
VIDNA OBMANA (DIRK SERRIES) memories compiled 1 1994 relic us 2CD dpk ex/vg €8.00
VIDNA OBMANA (DIRK SERRIES) revealed by composed nature (+bonus tracks) 1990 hic sunt leones ita CD m/m €14.00
ENO, BRIAN HERE COME THE WARM JETS - original italian pressing - 'pink rim' label 1973 island ita LP ex/ex €30.00 Raro
KRAFTWERK live in koeln sartory saal march 22nd, 1975 2018 dbqp eu LP ex/m €12.00
SCHULZE, KLAUS mirage (40th anniversary) (remastered +bonus track) 77/017 mig ger CD s/s €20.00
NOTO, ALVA & RYUICHI SAKAMOTO insen (2022) 2005 noton ger 2LP s/s €40.00
TANGERINE DREAM machu picchu 2022 kscope uk CD dpk s/s €15.00
TAKAMASA, AOKI rv8 2013 raster-noton ger CD dpk m/m €14.00
TANGERINE DREAM machu picchu 2022 kscope uk LP s/s €30.00
NOTO, ALVA & RYUICHI SAKAMOTO insen (A5 digipak) 2005 noton ger CD dpk s/s €20.00
NAMLOOK, PETE & DR. ATMO silence (promo) 1992 fax ger CD cs m/vg €7.00
KRAFTWERK minimum maximum - live 2005 emi eu 2CD s/case m/m €18.00
BEISSEL, FRANK & STEVE ROACH nautical twilight (ltd.ed. of 500) 2022 soundquest music us CD dpk s/s €19.00
ALIO DIE & DIRK SERRIES the chapters of the eclipse 2022 projekt us CD dpk s/s €19.00
ENO, BRIAN before and after science (remastered) (DSD) (ltd.ed. digipak) 77/04 virgin eu CD dpk m/m €13.00
ENO, BRIAN taking tiger mountain (by strategy) (remastered) (DSD) (ltd.ed. digipak) 74/04 virgin eu CD dpk s/s €18.00
ENO, BRIAN (with DANIEL LANOIS & ROGER ENO) apollo - atmosphere & soundtracks (remastered) (DSD) (ltd.ed. digipak) 83/05 virgin eu CD dpk m/m €13.00
ENO, BRIAN before and after science (remastered) (DSD) 77/04 virgin eu CD m/ex €5.00
SCHULZE, KLAUS le moulin de daudet (+bonus tracks) 1994 mig ger CD dpk m/m €14.00
TANGERINE DREAM the bootleg box set vol.1 (7cd boxset +16-page booklet) 2003 reactive / esoteric recordings uk 7CD box m/m €50.00
SCHULZE, KLAUS & LISA GERRARD big in europe vol.1 - warsaw (2dvd +audio cd set) 2013 mig ger 2xDVD vg/m €15.00
SCHULZE, KLAUS deus arrakis 2022 spv eu CD dpk s/s €20.00
SCHULZE, KLAUS deus arrakis (3lp set in embossed gatefold sleeve) 2022 spv eu 3LP s/s €45.00
PAN-AMERICAN the patience fader 2022 kranky us LP s/s €40.00
BOARDS OF CANADA tomorrow's harvest 2013 warp uk 2LP s/s €35.00
SCHULZE, KLAUS & GUNTER SCHICKERT the schulze-schickert session (+bonus tracks) 2013 mirumir rus CD m/vg €12.00
SCHULZE, KLAUS in blue 1995 zyx ger 2CD m/ex €13.00
BOARDS OF CANADA in a beautiful place out in the country e.p. (2013) 2000 warp uk 12" s/s €15.00
KRAFTWERK live in germany 25 june 1971 2019 dbqp eu 2LP s/s €25.00
BOARDS OF CANADA geogaddi 2002 warp uk CD m/ex €12.00
FROESE, EDGAR epsilon in malaysian pale (ltd.ed. of 3500 on marbled-green vinyl) (Record Store Day 2022) 1975 culture factory fra LP s/s €35.00
HARMONIA musik von harmonia (2015) 1974 gronland ger LP s/s €22.00
MODERAT more d4ta 2022 monkeytown ger CD dpk s/s €18.00
DIM LIGHTS starspire 2022 sidereal / avantgarde ita CD dpk s/s €18.00
VV.AA. warp20 (unheard) 2009 warp uk CD m/m €14.00
KRAFTWERK a short introduction to kraftwerk (+84-page booklet) 2000 sonic book ita CD book m/m €10.00
VIDNA OBMANA (DIRK SERRIES) spore 2003 release entertainment us CD s/s €19.00
TANGERINE DREAM live at coventry cathedral 1975 2006 respect uk DVD m/m €12.00
TANGERINE DREAM the collection 1987 castle uk CD m/m €12.00