darkwave / gothic

Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
CURE, THE the top (1990 pressing) 1984 fiction ger CD m/m €10.00
CURE, THE disintegration 1989 fiction ger CD m/m €6.00
DARKHER the buried storm 2022 prophecy productions ger CD dpk m/m €14.00
CURE, THE seventeen seconds (1987 pressing) 1980 fiction ger CD m/m €15.00
CHRISTIAN DEATH ONLY THEATRE OF PAIN - rare 2011 us pressing on violet vinyl +"cavity communion (alternate version) / the lord's prayer 7" 1982 frontier us LP m/m €60.00 Raro
QNTAL qntal IX: time stands still 2022 drakkar ger CD dpk s/s €22.00
SOPOR AETERNUS & THE ENSEMBLE OF SHADOWS LA CHAMBRE D'ECHO - WHERE THE DEAD BIRDS SING - ltd.ed. cd housed in A5 128-page full-colour book 2004 apocalyptic vision ger CD m/m €40.00 Raro
DIARY OF DREAMS melancholin 2023 accession ger CD s/s €19.00
SPIRITUAL BATS origins and transmutations: spiritual bats (remastered) / confession (remastered) / sacrament (remastered) / through the shadows (remastered) (ltd.ed. 4cd boxset +16-page booklet) 2022 swiss dark nights ch 4CD box s/s €70.00
CALVA Y NADA palpita, corazòn, palpita! 1994 hyperium ger CD m/ex €12.00
VV.AA. the peter out wave 2012 peter out swe CD dpk m/m €10.00
DANSE SOCIETY, THE wake up / the seduction 1983 society uk 7" vg/m €7.00
SAMSAS TRAUM a.ura und das schneckenhlaus 2004 trisol ger 2CD dpk m/m €18.00
ATTRITION something in my eye +3 1992 contempo ita CDs ex/ex €5.00
DEVIATE LADIES religious as our methods 1997 metal horse productions ita CD s/s €18.00
MILITIA CHRISTI non timor domini non timor malus 2004 cursed land ita CD m/m €5.00
THEATRE OF ICE murder the dawn (+inserts) 1990 orphanage us LP m/m €18.00
L'AME IMMORTELLE dann habe ich umsonst gelebt (+bonus track) 2001 trisol ger CD m/m €13.00
FINISTERRA als die erde eine scheibe war 2001 trisol ger CD m/m €13.00
GARDEN OF DELIGHT, THE NECROMANTEA / SOMNIORUM INTERPRETATIO - rare! 1991 big noise ger 7" ex/ex €25.00 Raro
MISSION, THE never again / beautiful chaos 1992 vertigo ger 7" ex/m €5.00
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES the killing jar / something wicked (this way comes) 1988 wonderland / polydor uk 7" m/ex €7.00
HOLY BARBARIANS space junkie / dolly bird (clear vinyl) 1996 beggars banquet uk 7" m/m €5.00
AND ALSO THE TREES the secret sea / secrecy 1984 reflex ita 7" m/m €10.00
MISSION, THE tower of strength +1 (promo) 1987 mercury uk 12" ex €10.00
EVERY NEW DEAD GHOST river of souls 1989 plastic head uk LP vg/ex €12.00
INTRA-VENUS irreverence 2001 nightbreed recordings uk CD m/m €13.00
BALAAM AND THE ANGEL the greatest story ever told 1986 virgin uk LP m/m €15.00
CURE, THE IN BETWEEN DAYS / THE EXPLODING BOY / A FEW HOURS AFTER THIS - original uk pressing 1985 fiction uk 12" ex/m €25.00 Raro
DARK SANCTUARY cernunnos 2023 avantgarde music ita CD book s/s €20.00
KILLING JOKE fire dances 1983 eg us CD m/m €13.00
KILLING JOKE what's this for...! (remastered +bonus tracks) 81/05 virgin eu CD m/m €13.00
DARK SANCTUARY cernunnos (2lp set on blue vinyl) 2023 avantgarde music ita 2LP new €35.00
DARK SANCTUARY metal works 2017 avantgarde music ita CD dpk s/s €18.00
DARK SANCTUARY iterum e.p. (numbered ltd.ed. of 500 on white vinyl) (10" +cds set) 2022 avantgarde music ita 10" s/s €25.00
KILLING JOKE pylon (+bonus tracks) (ltd.ed. 2cd set) 2015 spinefarm fin 2CD m/m €16.00
SECRET DISCOVERY truth, faith, love 2023 universal ger CD s/s €19.00
KILLING JOKE democracy 1996 offworld ita CD m/m €13.00
SELOFAN vitrioli (numbered ltd.ed. of 1000 on marbled-grey vinyl +insert) 2018 fabrika gre LP new €25.00
BLUTENGEL live im wasserschloss klaffenbach 2018 out of line ger 2CD dpk s/s €22.00
BAUHAUS live at tiffany's, glasgow, scotland june 27th, 1983 - fm broadcast (ltd.ed. of 500 on pink vinyl) 2022 planet claire fra LP s/s €25.00
I-M-R (IN MY ROSARY) inoutside (+bonus tracks) 2015 syborgmusic ger CD dpk m/m €14.00
CLAN OF XYMOX days of black 2017 trisol ger CD dpk s/s €19.00
LOST MESSAGES modern disease (ltd.ed. of 500) 2020 swiss dark nights ch CD dpk s/s €18.00
BLUTENGEL live im wasserschloss klaffenbach 2018 out of line ger 2CD dpk m/m €16.00
I-M-R (IN MY ROSARY) inoutside (+bonus tracks) 2015 syborgmusic ger CD dpk s/s €19.00
BLUTENGEL black e.p. (ltd.ed. on red vinyl) 2017 out of line ger LP s/s €28.00
JOVANA jovana (ltd.ed. of 250) 2023 libido gre LP s/s €25.00