punk / hardcore

Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
LEMONHEADS hate your friends 1987 taang! eu CD m/m €13.00
MISFITS we were 138 - san frasncisco 1981 / live detroit 1983 (ltd.ed. of 500) 2019 mind control eu LP s/s €20.00
LEMONHEADS luka / strange / mad (marbled-black and white vinyl) 1989 taang! us 7" ex/ex €7.00
COCKNEY REJECTS, THE WE ARE THE FIRM / WAR ON THE TERRACES - rare uk blue label pressing 1980 zonophone uk 7" ex/m €25.00 Raro
CRO-MAGS BEST WISHES - rare original (HM) pressing +innersleeve 1989 profile us LP m/m €120.00 Raro
GET UP KIDS, THE SOMETHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT - rare original pressing +insert 1999 doghouse us LP m/m €60.00 Raro
BLITZ all out attack (picture disk) (2005) 1997 get back ita LP m €15.00
ABRASIVE WHEELS when the punks go marching in! (+bonus tracks) 1982 get back ita LP m/m €12.00
ABRASIVE WHEELS when the punks go marching in! (+bonus tracks) (picture disk) (1998) 1982 get back ita LP m €15.00
ANGELIC UPSTARTS TEENAGE WARNING - rare 2007 picture disk - ltd.ed. of 500 1979 captain oi! uk LP m €30.00 Raro
RAMONES triple j live at the wireless, capitol theatre, sydney, australia, july 8, 1980 (ltd.ed. of 13,000 on 180 gram vinyl) (Record Store Day 2021) 2021 sire / rhino ger LP s/s €25.00
VV.AA. rebirth - a roma hardcore compilation (orange vinyl +8-page insert) 1994 soa / rebirth ita LP vg/m €10.00
BLAGGERS, THE on yer toez 1989 mad butcher ger LP vg/m €10.00
ADICTS, THE live and loud 1987 link uk LP ex/m €18.00
SEX PISTOLS never mind the bollocks, here's the sex pistols 1977 warner us CD m/m €8.00
SECOND YOUTH dear road 2018 indie box ita CD m/m €8.00
SWINGIN' UTTERS a juvenile product of the working class (+insert) 1996 fat wreck us LP ex/m €15.00
SEX PISTOLS live at winterland 1978 1996 when! recordings uk CD m/ex €15.00
CONSUME who's the real monster? e.p. 2003 sin fronteras us 7" m/m €7.00
LUNACHICKS binge and purge 1992 safe house ger LP vg/ex €18.00
KINA nessuno schema nella mia vita! (+inserts) 1984 blu bus ita LP vg/m €18.00
S.O.D. (STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH) SPEAK ENGLISH OR DIE - rare 2004 picture disk 1985 vinyl maniacs swe LP m €50.00 Raro
BLACK, RANDY & HIS ELITE METRO SQUAD idi amin +3 (reissue on yellow vinyl) 1978 dangerhouse us 7" m/m €10.00
DISCHARGE why (180 gram vinyl) (1998) 1981 earmark ita LP s/s €22.00
PN the art of being "we" 2004 life sentence us CD ex/m €12.00
G.B.H. from here to reality 1990 rough justice uk LP m/m €15.00
PARKWAY DRIVE horizons 2007 burning heart swe CD m/m €8.00
SPITFIRES, THE / HELL CAMINOS split e.p. (numbered ld.ed.) 2001 rockin' bones ita 7" m/m €3.00
SAVING THROW never race with me 2003 let it burn ger CD m/m €10.00
MUCKY PUP a boy in a mans world 1989 roadracer hol LP m/m €12.00
VICTIMS OF SOCIETY screaming alone 1998 daybreak bel CD m/m €12.00
AMERICAN RUSE, THE death by the gun 1989 shakin' street us LP ex/m €12.00
SICK OF IT ALL just look around 1992 relativity ger CD m/ex €12.00
NATURAL BORN DRINKERS sz/8 2004 anfibio ita CD m/m €7.00
LAST HOPE my own way (+bonus tracks) (enhanced) (ltd.ed. of 1000) 2003 superhero ger CD m/m €8.00
SHOCKING TRUTH acquaintance e.p. (yellow vinyl +insert) 1990 workshed us 7" m/m €10.00
TRIPFACE some part sorrow 1996 exit us CD m/ex €8.00
JUSTIFIED ANGER another wasted decade 1999 private eu CD m/m €10.00
GORE GORE GIRLS strange girls 2001 get hip us CD m/m €12.00
WATERDOWN the files you have on me 2003 victory us CD ex/m €8.00
FFD let's all unite 2000 kob / mad butcher eu CD m/m €8.00
CRASS yes sir, I will (giant fold-out poster sleeve) 1984 crass uk LP m/m €18.00
FALSE PROPHETS invisible people (+insert) 1990 konkurrel hol LP m/m €10.00
IFIX TCEN TCEN oltre la collina 1992 tvor on vinyl ita CD m/m €12.00
MACKENZIE, GREGOR & THE MISANTHROPES torture that girl 2007 rave up ita LP ex/m €10.00
CHIMNEY-SWEEPERS, THE what do you wake up for? 2001 positive crew ita CD m/m €8.00
VV.AA. (REDD KROSS / RF7 / CIRCLE ONE / BAD RELIGION / DISABILITY) public service 2003 puke n vomit us CD m/m €10.00
DONNAS, THE gold metal (enhanced) 2004 atlantic us CD m/ex €12.00