Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
VV.AA. jazz: the greatest hits 2002 columbia eu CD m/ex €5.00
HILL, LAURYN mtv unplugged 2.0 2002 columbia eu 2CD m/m €8.00
MARLENE KUNTZ lunga attesa (ltd.ed. 2lp set on blue vinyl) (2021) 2016 columbia eu 2LP s/s €30.00
VV.AA. romantic jazz 1995 columbia eu CD m/m €6.00
OFFSPRING, THE greatest hits 2005 columbia eu CD m/ex €6.00
VV.AA. GRANDE ITALIA - rare 2lp compilation of material by mostly obscure artists BUT including an unreleased track by Francesco Guccini "le belle domeniche" 1975 columbia ita 2LP vg/m €40.00 Raro
CLASH, THE super black market clash (remastered) 93/99 columbia eu CD m/m €6.00
SIMON & GARFUNKEL / DAVE GRUSIN the graduate (il laureato) 1968 columbia eu CD m/m €6.00
GARNER, ERROLL body & soul 1991 columbia hol CD m/m €8.00
UOVO DI COLOMBO, L' l'uovo di colombo (ltd.ed. on 180 gram clear red vinyl) (2021) 1973 columbia ita LP s/s €25.00
SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE born in the u.s.a. (remastered) 84/03 columbia eu CD m/m €6.00
HARRIS, CALVIN motion 2014 columbia eu CD m/m €6.00
AMOROSO, ALESSANDRA senza nuvole (cd +dvd set) 2009 columbia eu CD+DVD m/ex €8.00
LOUDNESS early singles ((japanese-only pressing +bonus track & +obi) 1989 columbia jap CD m/m €20.00
WINTER, JOHNNY (AND) johnny winter and (japanese pressing +obi) 1970 columbia jap CD m/m €15.00
SCHUBERT / BRAHMS (KARAJAN) sinfonia n.8 in si minore "incompiuta" / variazioni su un tema di haydn, op.56a 1957 columbia ita LP ex/m €18.00
BENDZKO, TIM am seidenen faden / unter die haut 2013 columbia eu 2CD box m/m €8.00
PSYCHO REALM, THE psycho city blocks (album version) +4 1997 columbia us 12" m/m €15.00
VV.AA. different strokes 1971 columbia us LP vg/m €10.00
SCHUMANN / CHOPIN (FRANCOIS / KLETZKY) concerto in la minore, op.54 / concerto n.2 in fa minore, op.21 1964 columbia ita LP ex/m €15.00
CABREL, FRANCIS samedi soir sur la terre 1994 columbia fra CD book m/ex €7.00
PINK FLOYD ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL I / ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL II - rare colombian pressing on transparent yellow vinyl 1979 columbia col 12" vg/m €70.00 Raro
VV.AA. (WILLIAMS) more virtuoso music for guitar (mono) 1967 columbia us LP ex/m €10.00
WALTON (SZELL) variations on a theme by hindemith / symphony no.2 1975 columbia us LP ex/m €10.00
OFFENBACH / CHOPIN (ORMANDY) gaité parisienne - ballet / les sylphides - ballet columbia us LP ex/m €15.00
SCHUBERT / BEETHOVEN (MEMBERS OF THE BUDAPEST STRING QUARTET) the trout quintet / piano quartet in e-flat major 1950 columbia us LP vg/m €12.00
VV.AA. (BERNSTEIN) bernstein's greatest hits 1967 columbia us LP ex/m €10.00
WEILL (LENYA) sings berlin theater songs of kurt weill (+8-page booklet) (mono) 1955 columbia us LP ex/ex €12.00
WEILL (LENYA) september song and other american theatre songs of kurt weill (mono) 1958 columbia us LP ex/m €12.00
JUDAS PRIEST screaming for vengeance (remastered +bonus tracks) 82/01 columbia eu CD m/ex €10.00
BECAUD, GILBERT gilbert bécaud 1969 columbia ger LP ex/ex €10.00
DAVIS, MILES the essential miles davis 2001 columbia eu 2CD m/m €8.00
DAFT PUNK random access memory (2lp set on 180 gram vinyl) (2021) 2013 columbia eu 2LP s/s €35.00
BUCKLEY, JEFF sketches for my sweetheart the drunk 1998 columbia hol 2CD m/m €14.00
JARRE, JEAN MICHEL live in notre dame vr - welcome to the other side (180 gram vinyl +poster) 2021 columbia eu LP s/s €28.00
VV.AA. I'm not there 2007 columbia eu 2CD m/m €8.00
KHAN, USTAD VILAYAT music of india vol.3 1965 columbia fra LP ex/m €18.00
GUCCINI, FRANCESCO l'isola non trovata 1970 columbia ita LP ex/m €18.00
VV.AA. disco radio - summer compilation 2020 2020 columbia eu 2CD m/m €8.00
VV.AA. disco radio - winter compilation 2020 columbia eu 2CD m/m €8.00
CARLOS, ROBERTO i miei successi 2010 columbia eu 2CD m/m €13.00
SILVESTRI, DANIELE acrobati 2016 columbia eu CD dpk m/m €12.00
KINKS, THE phobia 1993 columbia hol CD m/ex €5.00
VV.AA. a chorus line 1975 columbia us LP m/ex €12.00
PAOLA & CHIARA blu 2004 columbia hol CD m/m €10.00
NOEMI sulla mia pelle 2009 columbia ita CD m/m €8.00
SOUL ASYLUM candy from a stranger 1998 columbia us CD m/m €8.00
SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE the river (+4-page insert) 1980 columbia us 2LP m/m €25.00