Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
MOULD, BOB black sheets of rain (25th anniversary) (remastered) 90/015 edsel uk CD dpk m/m €13.00
ROSS, RICKY trouble came looking 2013 edsel uk CD dpk m/m €13.00
CALE, JOHN vintage violence 1970 edsel uk CD m/m €13.00
SUEDE suede (remastered & expanded 2cd digipak +dvd set) 93/011 edsel uk 2CD+DVD m/m €16.00
HOT TUNA double dose 1978 edsel uk CD m/m €13.00
FOXX, JOHN metatronic (2cd +dvd set) 2010 edsel uk 2CD+DVD m/ex €25.00
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND the legendary a&m sessions 1986 edsel uk CD m/ex €8.00
PRETTY THINGS, THE s.f. sorrow 1968 edsel uk CD m/ex €12.00
WAINWRIGHT III, LOUDON unrequited (1988 pressing +insert) 1975 edsel uk LP ex/m €12.00
WAY, DARRYL concerto for electric violin 1978 edsel uk CD m/m €13.00
DURY, IAN & THE BLOCKHEADS do it yourself (remastered & expanded 2cd set) 79/04 edsel uk 2CD m/m €14.00
SUEDE head music (remastered & expanded 2cd digipak +dvd set) 99/011 edsel uk 2CD dpk m/m €16.00
RUNDGREN, TODD (UTOPIA) todd rundgren's utopia / another live 74/75 edsel uk 2CD m/m €14.00
FOXX, JOHN & LOUIS GORDON the pleasures of electricity (remastered & expanded 2cd set) 01/09 edsel uk 2CD m/m €14.00
URIAH HEEP access all areas (cd +dvd boxset) 2014 edsel uk CD+DVD m/m €14.00
VV.AA. invictus' greatest hits (+bonus tracks) / hot wax greatest hits (+bonus tracks) 1972 edsel uk 2CD m/m €14.00
MILLER, STEVE (BAND) (USA) wide river (remastered) 93/011 edsel uk CD dpk m/m €13.00
MILLER, STEVE (BAND) (USA) fly like an eagle (2012 pressing) 1976 edsel uk LP ex/m €18.00
COSTELLO, ELVIS & THE ATTRACTIONS get happy! (remastered & expanded 2cd set) 80/03 edsel uk 2CD m/m €14.00
MARTIN, MOON street fever / mystery ticket 80/82 edsel uk CD m/m €13.00
ALPHA BAND, THE interviews 1988 edsel uk LP ex/m €12.00
FOGHAT boogie motel / tight shoes 79/80 edsel uk CD s/s €15.00
T.REX precious star - the alternate bolan's zip gun 1996 edsel uk CD m/m €13.00
FOGHAT live / stone blue 77/78 edsel uk CD s/s €15.00
FOGHAT girls to chat & boys to bounce / in the mood for something rude / zig-zag walk / rarities 81/82/83 edsel uk 2CD s/s €18.00
T.REX left hand luke - the alternate tanx 1994 edsel uk CD m/m €13.00
BEAT, THE I just can't stop it (remastered & expanded 2cd digipak +dvd set) 80/012 edsel uk 2CD+DVD s/s €22.00
RUNDGREN, TODD initiation 1975 edsel uk CD book s/s €18.00
SUGAR copper blue (remastered & expanded 2cd digipak +dvd set) 92/012 edsel uk 2CD+DVD m/m €15.00
RUNDGREN, TODD hermit of mink hollow 1978 edsel uk CD book s/s €18.00
SUEDE royal albert hall 24 march 2010 (2cd digipak +dvd set) 2014 edsel uk 2CD+DVD s/s €22.00
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, THE psychocandy live - barrowlands 2015 edsel uk CD dpk s/s €18.00
ELY, JOE no bad talk or loud talk - '77/'81 1995 edsel uk CD m/m €13.00
GONG access all areas (cd +dvd boxset) 2015 edsel uk CD+DVD s/s €19.00
HAWKINS, SCREAMIN' JAY frenzy 1982 edsel uk CD m/ex €12.00
BUCKLEY, TIM venice mating call 2017 edsel uk 2CD dpk s/s €22.00
PRICE, ALAN (SET) twice the price - the decca recordings (3cd set) 2017 edsel uk 3CD dpk s/s €22.00
BUCKLEY, TIM greetings from west hollywood 2017 edsel eu CD dpk s/s €18.00
NUMAN, GARY live at the hammersmith odeon 1989 (cd digipak +dvd set) 2017 edsel uk CD+DVD s/s €19.00
SEEDS, THE future / a full spoon of seedy blues 1967 edsel uk CD m/ex €12.00
CREATION, THE the creation theory: we are paintermen / how does it feel to feel / psychedelic rose / power surge (4lp boxset) 2017 edsel uk 4LP s/s €75.00
COUNT FIVE psychotic reaction 1987 edsel uk CD m/m €13.00
BRINSLEY SCHWARZ please don't ever change 1973 edsel uk CD m/m €13.00
BOLAN, MARC & T.REX dirtysweet 1994 edsel uk CD m/ex €12.00