Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
JONES, QUINCY enter laughing 1967 liberty us LP m/m €15.00
NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND, THE UNCLE CHARLIE AND HIS DOG TEDDY - original uk pressing in textured gatefold sleeve 1970 liberty uk LP vg/m €25.00 Raro
YURO, TIMI the best of timi yuro (1966 mono pressing) 1963 liberty uk LP vg/ex €12.00
CANNED HEAT '70 CONCERT - RECORDED LIVE IN EUROPE - rare original uk pressing in laminated gatefold sleeve 1970 liberty uk LP ex/m €50.00 Raro
RIVERS, JOHNNY whisky à go-go revisited (1969 pressing) 1967 liberty ita LP vg/ex €10.00
DE ANDRE', FABRIZIO / JOHNNY RIVERS IL PESCATORE / RIGHT RELATIONS - rare white label juke-box promo - 1970 liberty ita 7" m €25.00 Raro
DE ANDRE', FABRIZIO / IDLE RACE AMORE CHE VIENI AMORE CHE VAI / IN THE SUMMERTIME - rare white label juke-box promo - 1970 liberty ita 7" ex €25.00 Raro
FISCHER-Z red skies over paradise 1981 liberty ita LP vg/m €7.00
STRANGLERS, THE let me introduce you to the family / vietnamerica 1981 liberty ita 7" m/m €7.00
YURO, TIMI stardust / my prayer 1967 liberty ita 7" ex/m €10.00
CONTI, BILL for your eyes only 1981 liberty ita LP vg/m €10.00
LONDON, JULIE JULIE...AT HOME - original uk mono pressing in flipback laminated sleeve...perfect conditions! 1960 liberty uk LP ex/m €40.00 Raro
FISCHER-Z going deaf for a living 1980 liberty ger LP ex/m €8.00
SALIS, I CHISSA' SE LA LUNA HA UNA MAMMA / CRONACA DI UNA COSA - very rare! comes in gimmix gatefold sleeve... 1970 liberty ita 7" vg/m €30.00 Raro
RAFFERTY, GERRY sleepwalking 1982 liberty ita LP m/m €10.00
DOMINO, FATS million sellers vol.2 (original pressing) 1968 liberty uk LP m/ex €15.00
FISCHER-Z word salad 1979 liberty ger LP vg/m €8.00
CURTIS, BETTY with all my heart / the green door 1958 liberty ita 7" vg/vg €3.00
FOUR FRESHMEN, THE a today kind of thing 1968 liberty us LP ex/m €15.00
MANN, JOHNNY (SINGERS) un homme et une femme - a man and a woman (textured sleeve) 1966 liberty ita LP ex/m €10.00
CANNED HEAT going up the country / one kind favor 1969 liberty ita 7" vg/m €7.00
ZENTNER, SI the best of si zentner 0/0 liberty us LP ex/ex €12.00
CLASSIX NOUVEAUX la verité 1982 liberty uk LP ex/m €10.00
YOST, DENNIS & THE CLASSICS IV god knows I loved her / we miss you 1970 liberty us 7" m/m €5.00
DUCAS, GEORGE george ducas (signed!) 1994 liberty us CD m/ex €10.00
GARRETT, TOMMY 50 guitars go south of the border 1962 liberty us LP ex/ex €15.00
CHER bang bang (my baby shot me down) / needles and pins 1966 liberty ita 7" ex/m €7.00
VENTURES, THE the swingin' creeper / pedal pusher 1965 liberty jap 7" ex/m €15.00
JONES, DAVID LYNN play by ear 1994 liberty us CD m/m €8.00
DANA, VIC if I never knew your name / sad day song (company sleeve) 1970 liberty us 7" m/m €5.00
DEAN, BILLY men'll be boys 1994 liberty us CD m/m €10.00
JAN & DEAN batman / bucket "t" 1966 liberty ita 7" ex/ex €5.00
JONES, DAVID LYNN mixed emotions 1992 liberty us CD m/m €8.00
VENTURES, THE kyoto doll / on a narrow street 1970 liberty jap 7" m/m €10.00
BROOKS, GARTH the chase 1992 liberty ita CD m/m €8.00
VV.AA. original golden greats volume 3 1968 liberty us LP m/m €12.00
VV.AA. STEPS nice german compilation with High Tide / Krokodil / The Petards / Amon Duul II and more... 1970 liberty ger LP m/m €25.00 Raro
MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI original uk pressing in laminated front sleeve - The Beatles' spiritual teacher speaks... 1967 liberty uk LP vg/m €40.00 Raro
MANCINI, HENRY sulle orme della pantera rosa: the trail of the pink panther / the inspector clouseau theme 1983 liberty ita 7" vg/vg €3.00
PALOMINO ROAD palomino road 1993 liberty us CD m/ex €8.00
BONZO DOG BAND tadpoles (remastered +bonus tracks) 69/07 liberty eu CD m/m €12.00
CACTUS BROTHERS, THE the cactus brothers (promo) 1993 liberty us CD cs m/ex €5.00
DOMINO, FATS HERE STANDS FATS DOMINO rare original uk pressing in flipback laminated sleeve 1957 liberty uk LP ex/ex €50.00 Raro
WATSON, DOC & MERLE lonesome road 1977 liberty us LP m/m €12.00
BROOKS, GARTH in pieces 1993 liberty hol CD m/m €8.00
ALUNNI DEL SOLE fantasia / fiori (copmpany sleeve) 1970 liberty ita 7" m/m €7.00
COCHRAN, EDDIE c'mon everybody / don't ever let me go 1988 liberty ita 7" ex/m €5.00
SALIS, I / ALUNNI DEL SOLE chissà se la luna ha una mamma / fantasia (white label juke-box promo) 1970 liberty ita 7" m €7.00