Autore Titolo Anno Etichetta nazione supporto condizioni prezzo raro
GAYE, MARVIN i heard it through the grapevine (extended version) +3 1986 motown uk 12" ex/m €7.00
GAYE, MARVIN I WANT YOU - original italian pressing 1976 motown ita LP ex/m €25.00 Raro
ROSS, DIANA touch me in the morning 1973 motown eu CD m/m €12.00
COMMODORES heroes 1980 motown us LP m/m €12.00
COMMODORES nightshift 1985 motown us LP s/s €12.00
TEMPTATIONS, THE surface thrills 1983 motown ita LP ex/m €10.00
WONDER, STEVIE innervisions (remastered) 73/00 motown eu CD m/ex €6.00
WONDER, STEVIE talking book (remastered) 72/00 motown eu CD s/s €10.00
WONDER, STEVIE / THE TEMPTATIONS it ain't no use / zoom (juke-box promo) 1974 motown ita 7" ex €5.00
REEVES, MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS the definitive collection 2008 motown eu CD m/m €7.00
INDIA.ARIE song versation 2013 motown eu CD dpk m/m €8.00
INDIA.ARIE voyage to india (+bonus track) 2002 motown eu CD m/m €8.00
WONDER, STEVIE in square circle (embossed gatefold sleeve +8-page booklet) 1985 motown ita LP ex/m €12.00
WONDER, STEVIE original musiquarium I (remastered) 82/00 motown eu 2CD m/m €13.00
WONDER, STEVIE the woman in red 1984 motown ita LP m/m €10.00
VV.AA. hitsville usa: the motown singles collection volume one 1959-1971 (4cd set in long digibook +68-page booklet) 1992 motown eu 4CD book m/m €50.00
VV.AA. hitsville usa: the motown singles collection volume two 1972-1992 (4cd set in long digibook +68-page booklet) 1993 motown us 4CD book m/m €50.00
BADU, ERYKAH mama's gun (2lp set on 180 gram vinyl) (2022) 2000 motown eu 2LP s/s €38.00
BADU, ERYKAH baduizm (2lp set on 180 gram vinyl) (2022) 1997 motown eu 2LP s/s €38.00
QUEEN LATIFAH she's a queen - a collection of hits 2002 motown us CD m/m €8.00
ROSS, DIANA baby it's me 1977 motown us LP vg/m €10.00
WONDER, STEVIE a time to love 2005 motown eu CD m/m €6.00
JACKSON 5 skywriter 1973 motown eu CD m/m €7.00
COMMODORES all the great hits 1982 motown ita LP vg/m €7.00
SUPREMES, THE let yourself go: the '70s albums, vol.2 - 1974-1977 the final sessions (ltd.ed. 3cd set in 44-page die-cut oblong digibook) 2011 motown us 3CD book m/m €40.00
WASHINGTON JR., GROVER soul box vol.2 1973 motown us LP m/m €10.00
WONDER, STEVIE music from the movie "jungle fever" 1991 motown ger LP m/m €8.00
COMMODORES gold 2005 motown eu 2CD m/m €13.00
ROBINSON, SMOKEY blame it on love and all the great hits 1983 motown ita LP vg/m €8.00
A+ it's on you (album version) +4 1999 motown us 12" ex/m €7.00
ROBINSON, SMOKEY love, smokey 1990 motown ita LP ex/m €8.00
WONDER, STEVIE characters (embossed sleeve) 1987 motown ita LP ex/m €10.00
COMMODORES midnight magic 1979 motown ita LP vg/m €10.00
VV.AA. it's my turn 1980 motown us LP ex/m €12.00
WILLIS, BRUCE classic bruce willis - the universal masters collection 1999 motown eu CD m/ex €7.00
VV.AA. the flamingo kid 1984 motown ita LP ex/m €8.00
GILL, JOHNNY provocative 1993 motown us CD m/m €10.00
IRBY, JOYCE "FENDERELLA" mr. d.j. / mr. d.j. (radio edit) 1989 motown ita 7" ex/m €3.00
NU SOUL HABITS meant to be 1994 motown hol CD m/m €12.00
TODAY I got the feeling +2 1990 motown us 12" m/m €7.00
BLAZE so special (so so mix) +2 1990 motown us 12" m/m €7.00
COMMODORES commodores - master series 1996 motown eu CD m/m €8.00
POINTER, BONNIE / TATA VEGA heaven must have sent you / I just keep thinking about you baby 1979 motown ita 12" ex/m €5.00
VANITY wild animal 1984 motown us LP ex/m €8.00
PRESTON, BILLY & SYREETA / BILLY PRESTON with you I'm born again / sock t, rocket 1979 motown ita 7" ex/vg €3.00
WONDER, STEVIE for your love (radio edit) +3 1995 motown eu CDs m/ex €5.00
WILLIS, BRUCE if I don't kill you, it just makes you stronger 1989 motown ger LP ex/m €8.00
WONDER, STEVIE part-time lover / part-time lover (instrumental) 1985 motown ita 7" m/m €5.00